1. Please note, Puerto Viejo Rents does not own or manage any of the rentals on our website, so it’s always best to contact the owner with any questions or concerns regarding your booking.


2. Who provides the travel services? We facilitate the processing and booking of accommodation and other travel services (the "travel services"). We do not provide, own or run any travel services ourselves and in particular we do not provide, own or run any accommodation. Any listings or rankings on this Website should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of any particular accommodation or services by us.


3. Deposit

We collect the deposit on behalf of the travel services provider. When you make a booking on this website you will be required to pay a deposit which we collect as agent for and on behalf of the relevant travel services provider. The travel services provider will deduct the amount of this deposit from the total charge for the booking and you will pay the balance directly to the travel services provider on arrival.


4. Transaction Fee

We also ask you to pay a transaction fee. You will also be required to pay a transaction fee to us when you make a booking.  The transaction fee is non refundable. Transaction fee consist of 2.9% Paypal(for security of your card info) and the remainder administrative fees.


5.Currency Exchange

Sometimes we have to convert the currency that you pay in. The deposit and the transaction fee that you pay will be payable in the currency that you select as your "settlement currency" when making your booking. Where the accommodation price was uploaded by the travel services provider in a different currency, the deposit amount that you will be charged in your settlement currency will be calculated by converting the deposit price into your settlement currency using an exchange rate that we derive from a daily feed from a reputable currency conversion website.


6. No Show

Charges for "no-show". In the event of a no-show without 24 hours' notice of cancellation (or more, where required by the travel services provider's cancellation policy in its Terms and Conditions), the travel services provider has the right to charge your credit card for the first night's stay (where you have booked accommodation) or for the full price of the tour or other travel service . You should check the travel services provider's own terms and conditions for full details of their cancellation policy.


7.  Online Travel Agent

We act as agent for the travel services provider – what does that mean? When you make a booking on the website, your contract for travel services (including accommodation) is with the travel services provider, NOT our website, which is acting as agent for the travel services provider. It is the travel services provider's responsibility to provide you with the travel services. We are not responsible for the fulfillment of any booking made through our website or for the quality of any accommodation or any other travel services that are booked and in particular we are not responsible for any difficulty, accident, illness or any other problem which is caused by the accommodation or other travel services or which is suffered by you or any of your party during your stay at the accommodation (and we recommend that you check the travel services provider's own Terms and Conditions for details of your rights in relation to the services they provide).


8. Who to Contact

If there is a problem with your accommodation. In the event of a problem arising with your accommodation, you should contact the travel services provider. If you have a problem with the booking that you have made via our website, please contact us directly via info@puertoviejorents.com.


9. Liability

The limits of our liability to you. Our maximum aggregate liability to you (and any other party that has an interest in the booking) in relation to any booking made through us (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) shall be limited solely to the value of the transaction fee and deposit that has been paid for that booking.


10. Translations and Maps.

If any user contributed content created by members or users is translated for display on any Site or any site of any affiliate of Puerto Viejo Rents, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of such translation and the member or user is solely responsible for the review, verification and accuracy of such translation.  Unless we specify otherwise to the user or member, any translation services are offered by us free of charge.

Maps provided on the Site that are provided by Google are subject to the Google Maps terms and conditions located at: http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/help/terms_maps.html.


11. Cancellation Policy.

A. For cancellations of reservations prior to fourteen (14) days of stay the Guest will be responsible for a thirty dollar ($30) administrative fee. Transaction fee is nonrefundable.

B. For cancellations of reservations occurring within fourteen (14) days of stay 50% of the deposit or total reservation. Transaction fee is nonrefundable.

C. For cancellations of reservations occurring within seven (7) days of stay no refund or owners discretion. Transaction fee is nonrefundable.

D. No refunds for early departures.

E. For reservations not canceled and not honored, Guest will be responsible for the entire reservation or owner discretion.


12.  Commission

All travel service providers commission is paid at 15%.


13. Real Estate Sales

A.  All real estates sale is paid at a commission of 5%.